Pay-back for future

Pay -back for the future


Pay -back for the future

- We who are getting old now, we are sort of a new race on earth. One do not know what to do with us says professor emerita Bodil Jönsson (71) at Lund University in Sweden .

 Jönsson reviews those approaching retirement age now, as the first educated generation. But they in their intensive work, has not always had time to use everything they can for the good of others. Through the pilot project "Assignment Knowledge - Uppdrag Kunskap", a collaboration between Vårdal Institutet, Swedish Institute for Health Research, and "Bätre liv för sjuka äldre" in Swedish Municipalities and Regions (SKL), the 20 seniors will have the chance to develop what they are passionate about.

- people 60-70 year olds know a lot, and they should be able to use this knowledge without having to pretend that they are 40. Older people have a lot of adapted knowledge. In addition, they hav unprocessed knowledge, and this we must figure out how best to get used within the next 5 to 10 years, says Bodil Jönsson .

She is a professor of rehabilitation techniques and has a long working life working with physics . As professor emerita she engages in what she calls "the academy at home " This is in addition to projects, both books and radio off.

Uppdrag kunskap - Assignment Knowledge

The 20 selected people to "Uppdrag kunskap" are doctors, nurses, health care workers , administrative managers and other employees or former employees of the health service, with a wide cross-section of life and professional knowledge. The goal is that with guidance, inspiration, theories and methods, they should be able to work both together and separately with both public and private projects which will be presented in autumn 2014.

- We want to convey knowledge from their fields that can benefit elderly in geriatric care, says Bodil Jönsson. Together with Gerd Ahlström, head of Vårdal Institutet, she met the participants the first time in early August .

In all, they will meet four times á two days.

- Between matches , the individual must work independently on their own projects, says Jönsson .

Opportunity to participate

- This is a new way to involve seniors in the design of nursing care, and a hitherto untried way to use older medarbeidres knowledge, said the chief of the department of nursing and care in SKL, Göran Stiernstedt på "Uppdrag kunskap" projectpage,

Bodil Jönsson has written several books. In the book "Gold" she writes, "One of the most Spridda missuppfattningarna in our time är att one has outweighs att Requirements participation . One can faktiskt intensified it. Interest also can någon ge thee complicity . You can get the interest , you Maast erövra it gång on gång . The more you can claim, get och ge passionate förutsättningar of complicity . "

- Now that we have so many to be old while we are reasonably healthy - what can we help , she thought , when she got the idea for Assignment of Education .


Senior Smart:

Pay-back for framtiden

- Vi som begynner å bli gamle nå, vi er liksom en ny rase på jord. Man vet ikke hva man skal gjøre med oss, sier professor emerita Bodil Jönsson (71) ved Lunds Universitet i Sverige.

Fra september 2013

Uppdrag Kunskap - se her



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